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UA O416 Protest killing of Muhyee Sidqi al-Tibakhi, 12


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Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, 

Cc.H.E. RIYAD H. MANSOUR, Ambassador,  Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine 

H.E. DANNY DANON, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations


Your Excellency

Palestinian child, Muhyee Sidqi al-Tibakhi, 12, was killed Tuesday on 19 July 2016 during clashes with Israeli soldiers in the town of al-Ram north of Jerusalem in the central occupied West Bank after he was hit in the heart and head by a rubber-coated steel bullet.


Young Muhyee, this once happy child with the quirky chip-toothed smile was pronounced dead on arrival at the Palestine Medical Center.


Your role of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict is to strengthen the protection of children affected by armed conflict, raise awareness, promote the collection of information about the plight of children affected by war and foster international cooperation to improve their protection.


Furthermore you are mandated to develop an Action Plan i.e. a written, signed commitment between the United Nations and parties to conflict listed in the Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict.


Where is your Action Plan to protect the lives of Palestinian children?


Furthermore, it is  negligent of your office that at least 63 Palestinians under the age of 18 had been killed by Israelis since October. Also, in the last 7 days a 14 year old palestinian child, Adham Zaatari,  was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for throwing stones, 11-year-old Hamza Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei was run over by a vehicle driven by a settler,two Bedouin children, 12 and 13, were arrested in the unrecognised Bedouin village of al-Araqib in Israel’s south plus the number of children  arrested as well as those in house arrest..


This is a typical week of Israeli systematic brutality and ongoing grave violations against children that have been occurring  for 68 years. Yes, 68 years and the UN has been lethally ineffective and irresponsible over that extensive period.


Even in the 2015 UN Report on Children and armed conflict. Israel was deliberately not included in  “List of parties that recruit or use children, kill or maim children, commit rape and other forms of sexual violence against children, or engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals in situations of armed conflict on the agenda of the Security Council*”


The United Nations  can prevent the  senseless loss of Palestinian children’s lives and the indelible grief of families and communities by the immediate expulsion of Israel from the United Nations. Articles 5 and 6 of the Charter of the United Nations deal respectively with suspension of rights and privileges of membership, and with expulsion from the United Nations.





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H.E. LEILA ZERROUGUI Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
  Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine H.E. DANNY DANON
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations

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