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URGENT APPEAL End PA Crime against Humanity in Gaza

Please cut and paste letter below into email and send to President Mahmoud Abbas, Permanent Mission of Palestine to the United Nations and UNHCR ,,

and a copy to the Palestinian embassy in your country:

(Australia  only Cc: ,, )



President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority




RE: End PA Crime against Humanity in Gaza

President Abbas

I urge you to immediately honour Gaza’s electricity payment to the Israeli authorities and to immediately lower the exorbitant fuel levy you are imposing on impoverished Gaza.

The world is aware that your decision to not pay Gaza’s electricity bill is a cynical stratagem to….

  1. gain political leverage with  President Trump
  2. force Hamas to hand control over Gaza to the PA

This amounts to the imposition of intentional and severe collective punishment of Palestinian families already suffering inhumane hardships and is a crime against humanity for which you and the PA/PLO should stand trial in the ICC.

According to the World health Organisation

27 April 2017 | GENEVA – Increasing power cuts and shortages of fuel are creating an impending crisis for Gaza’s 14 public hospitals, threatening the closure of essential health services which would leave thousands of people without access to life-saving health care. The health system’s fuel reserves are sufficient for only a few more days. If a solution is not found, Gaza’s 14 public hospitals will be forced to partially or completely close essential services.

Without fuel, 40 surgical operation theatres, 11 obstetric operation theatres, 5 haemodialysis centres and hospital emergency departments serving almost 4,000 patients daily will be forced to stop critical services. The situation will be immediately life-threatening for 113 new-borns currently in neonatal intensive care units, 100 patients in intensive care and 658 patients requiring bi-weekly haemodialysis, including 23 children. Refrigeration for blood and vaccine storage will also be at risk.

Furthermore under the brutal Israeli siege and repeated catastrophic military attacks by Israel that left thousands wounded and traumatised and destroyed agriculture, crucial infrastructure and homes has aggravated dire living conditions, 65% of Gazans live in poverty,  about 72% face food insecurity, and unemployment  has reached 48%. The UNCTAD report in 2015  forecasting that Gaza may be uninhabitable by 2020 was incorrect; Gaza is uninhabitable now and the PA/PLO is egregiously compounding the humanitarian crisis suffered by the men, women, elderly and children trapped in Israel’s concentration camp.

According to information given to Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) by Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry, “one-third of essential medicines and more than 270 medical equipment items for operating rooms and intensive care units can no longer be obtained in the Health Ministry’s storerooms and in Gaza hospitals.“

The PA, according to information given to PHRI, used to pay $4 million monthly for the regular operation of 13 government hospitals and 54 primary care centers. In April, the sum was down to $2.3 million, and in May it fell to just $500,000, the organization said.

PA punishment of two million fellow Palestinians, ‘in defiance of the most elementary principles of humanity’, is far more morally abhorrent and obscene than Israel.




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