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Demand PA frees Suha Jabara

Ambassador Riyad Mansour
Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations
CC: UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women
Ambassador Mansour,
Re: 60 days in PA detention.
I demand the immediate and unconditional release of Suha Jabara from Palestinian Authority (PA) detention in Jericho Prison.
Suha  Jabara, 33,   mother of 3,  is a Palestinian, US and Panamanian citizen and social justice activist involved with Islamic charities. She also works to support the families of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.
She was arrested on 3rd November 2018 without a warrant, deprived of her rights under the law and interrogated without the presence of a lawyer.
She has a heart condition that requires continual medical attention which is being denied.
She was tortured and is threatened with sexual violence by PA interrogators in Jericho prison and since November 22, is on a hunger strike courageously protesting her unlawful arbitrary detention.
President Abbas and the PA/PLO are responsible for this travesty that replicates to worse extremes the Israeli violations of  human rights against Palestinian prisoners.
The PA regularly refuses the International Red Cross access to its detention centres about which human rights NGO’s consistently report political prisoners are held without charge or in defiance of Palestinian High Court release orders, suffer torture, threats, sleep deprivation and degrading treatment, are beaten, blindfolded, shackled, held in solitary confinement, lack adequate medical and hygiene care, denied access to lawyers and family visits.
As part of their ‘sacred’ security cooperation, the PA and Israeli security forces launch arrest campaigns against citizens who provide help for relatives of prisoners and martyrs in the occupied West Bank.

IMAGE: Suha Jbara’s three children taking part in a protest in the West Bank in support of their and to put increasing pressure on the PA to release her. (Twitter)

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