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PROTEST Lebanon’s complicity in the death of little Mohamed Wehbe, 2


H.E. Dr. Amal Mudallali 

Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations

CC: UNRWA Lebanon

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict


Your Excellency


A two year old baby, Mohamed Wehbe, died in Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp yesterday because his Palestinian refugee father could not afford to pay the hospital $1800 and UNRWA does not cover the cost of medical care. 

The Lebanese hospital refused treatment without payment. 

Little Mohamed was the innocent victim of Lebanon’s appalling apartheid policies against Palestinians who are, in effect, trapped in Lebanon.

Israel refuses, in violation of  international law, Palestinian refugees right of return to their homes in Palestine and Lebanon, shamefully for 70 years, reinforces this collective punishment and injustice with its inhumane and discriminatory policies  that are responsible for the human catastrophe that is Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

UNRWA states that  Lebanon has the highest percentage of Palestine refugees living in abject poverty.

I urge the government of Lebanon to immediately give Palestinian refugees equal rights and access to  employment, education and health.

Around the world, where Palestinian refugees are treated with  equality and dignity they are making valued contributions to their new  country of residence.

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